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04 June 2008


seems like the government don't know the meaning of Collateral Damage..

recent years increment in the petrol price are some what urmmm.. common?..
the announcement always come in the evening.. that probably give us about 4-5hr for us to head to petrol station to fill up the tank before they increase the price..

i don't mind the surprise announcement..but couldn't u do it gradually.. like monthly or every other random week.. say 10cent at a time.. anything.. since u like to surprise us with yar odd statement sometime anyway..

this time the increment is utterly stunning.. 40% hike.. RM1.92/liter to RM2.7/liter.. well thanks to the announcement.. traffic came to a hysterical stand still.. everyone had gone to fill up their vehicles making any road leading to petrol station jam packed.. (>.<)..

it feel like someone just open the gate of the dam.. everyone got flooded..
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