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04 May 2006

Upon request ;p

Jack has been busy.. ehmm.. jack has bee lazy is more correct :p.. having a blog audience is such a drag sometime.. ok kidding don’t run my precious few reader.. well actually it wasn’t that hard to just type a few line of what I’ve been doing for the pass day’s and call it update.. so lame… is it not.. gee… ok not like u guys wanna know what I do everyday rite? Nevertheless.. update below

Last Weekend..
After office hour.. on a rainy evening.. desperately looking for some sort of entertainment.. thanks to uncle ed “few” suggestion.. ended at VIera worked event at Espenda downtown KL.. so.. got in, had a few drink enjoyed the show.. till 11pm with another info that few other fren on the way to bar savanh so decided to go ahead.. Heritage row has been quite different compared to 3yr ago.. it’s more crowded now a day.. we call it a nite around 130am.. except for another fren who is not enuf drink so we head back to hartamas Finnegan’s for a few more drink.. got back home 4am but sleep inside car even thought there is just few step away from bed.. >.<*

Got off car and back to house around 8am go on continued sleep and got up few hour later for a meet up with reta, peter, suanie.. etc at mid valley.. we had lunch and some window shopping tilll latenoon.. and everyone go there way.. and I ended up at the cinema watching “the sentinel” and head home glue to PC online till late…

Awake.. ehmm.. I don’t remember what happen that day.. I think I spend the entire day in front of PC again..

Labor day
Weeiiii holiday.. no work.. was at home the entire day.. NO way :p.. untill late noon.. ran off outside with nowhere to go.. at the end.. arrive at 1U got to watch another movie.. “fragile”
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