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26 May 2006

company trip (japan) part 1

its has been almost a week after getting me ass back from Japan.. so here is some update..

20060514 Saturday
the flight is at 1145pm.. so at the afternoon doing some last minute shopping.. find me self a plug converter.. and bro sent me ass to KLIA just around 9pm... found me way to KFC where one of me colleague has arrive earliest... so.. waited for everyone show up and check in.. and off to plane... the tour guide told us that the plane will be quite empty with 110+ seat available (^.^) so got on to the plane and took a look around.. and snatch the window seat beside me.. lol.. so the plane took off around midnight.. i can see the lamp post across the highway lead to KLIA.. as the plane fly a bit further i can see KL lighten up beneath me.. and it just lasted 5min b4 everything was dark and the only light i can see was the *blink* light from the air-plane wing.. it gonna be a 6-7 hour flight...

20060515 Sunday
manage to cat nap for a while.. and by the time i open me eye.. the sky was all light up.. (~o~) *yawn* and i took a look at me watch.. its just 430am (0.0) thats early.. than i took a look at the flight screen.. it says local time was 530am.. oh.. no wonder .. i forgot to update me watch... now that i was a wake.. so took out me camera and start snapping away... moment later the cabin crew bring in breakfast.. goodie.. "beef or fish?" miao~miao (=^.^=) take fish *grin*... erm... ehew.. so tasteless.. :( airplane food suck..

than.. the touchdown on kansai airport (osaka).. 15min before getting our ass down.. i saw the land.. all i can see is small lump of hills all around.. what rough terrain they had.. the air-port is built on a man made island.. and has been on operation since 1994..

right after we check out.. straight away we're been taken to Universal Studio Japan (USJ as the tour guide put it in short..) humm... that made me feel right at home.. *grin*.. it's was just a 45min ride.. we spend the entire day at the Universal studio and we still couldn’t finish up all the ride they have there.. we leave around evening 6pm as the tour guide took us to some nearby places to have dinner.. b4 sending us back to the hotel..

as we're checking in to the hotel I noted that they have two notebook in front of the loby check in counter.. and ppl used it to go online.. *grin* so right after a quick shower went down to loby to meet up with few of me colleague as they have plan to took a night strow to namba one of a district of Osaka.. i took the opportunity to login to internet.. *yawn* i miss the internet~dy.. i know.. how pathetic i em.. me colleague asked ppl at the counter as to where to took the train/subway.. b4 we went to the station where is just right at the corner from where we stay.. we dint anticipate.. how we're gonna use the ticket purchase machine.. *grin*.. it took us 5min to just figure out how the subway route goes.. and another 5min with the ticket machine.. even had some help from non English speaking Japanese dude with the ticket machine.. hey even the help instruction also in Japanese what todo.. *sigh* but we still manage to get our ass to where we wanted.. and got back safely..

20060516 Wednesday
Awake.. pack up.. and had buffet bfast at hotel lobby.. and on the move again.. this time we went on to todai-ji temple where the entire building was made out off wood with out using a single nail (~0~).. wow.. and inside lay a huge Buddha made from silver and gold.. wow.. and while walking toward the temple numerous deer can see rooming freely.. those are Sika Deer .. than off to have lunch before another temple Heian Jingu a bright orange colored building.. and when walking toward the main building.. the courtyard is lay cover by tiny white rock’s with two statue of tiger(left side..) and dragon(right side..) near the entrance gate.. and at the main building you can see the finishing edge is cover with gold plate.. after exploring the temple.. I walk back to the entrance and saw a small crowd gathering up.. and heard someone shouted "lets go take picture with geisha!" (0.o) and I thought geisha was said to be an almost extinct profession.. and since the geisha movie screened I think the term/word “geisha” was too/overly use toward kimono wearing chic :p anyway it made no sense to be actually see a real geisha walking around temple broad daylight.. *grin* while on the way back on the tour bus.. the tour guide asked us if we noted the "geisha" was holding something on there hands.. and which side they held the thing at.. them geisha was actually holding a baskets on there left side.. and he told us that if the busket was at the right side.. it’s the prostitute.. back in the old day this is how u tell them apart.. after that we’re sent to a kimono complex where famus and the oldest kimono maker(brand) are.. we’re just in time for a kimono fashion show.. and a quick look around.. before we’re off to another temple Kiyomizu-dera temple lay at the hill side.. cover with trees.. and a sights view of kyoto city.. the walk up to the temple was surrounded with souvenir and food shops.. as I took a walk away from the main passage.. few diner can be seen.. camera battery was out by the time I want to take a snap shoot of them few places.. *sigh* and that ended the tour of the day.. had dinner than the tour bus took us away from the Kyoto cities and to Gifu district for the night stay.. there wasn’t much to see so spent the entire night chit chatting over at the colleague room..

the gallery..
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2 people commented:

Vad3r said... May 27, 2006 12:13 PM

why isnt there a SINGLE FUCKING pic of jap girl on the street??

weeltoh said... June 06, 2006 4:40 PM

aus = hungry-jack
cartoon = jackjack
malaysia = lazy-jack