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24 October 2005

The noob who puasa’ed

Last week I dit say would try out puasa.. and I dit.. and wot a noob I em.. I actually sleep tru the solat(subuh) time 5:39am( time where u start puasa.. and the time b4 that ur supposed to stuff ur stomach for the entire day.. ) =.=”’
Thanks to my late sleeping habit.. I was a sleep about 2am.. and the time I realize/heard my Hp alarm it was 5:50+am..

Well what todo.. the show must go on.. continue sleeping.. 930am.. officially awake.. muahahaha.. it’s a good thing I was doing this while I was in-between jobs.. I em like not really need to work.. :D.. anyway was abit worry that I skiped the early meal.. but as time passed the noon.. dint feel much hungry nor thirsty just mouth abit dry.. :-d

Well surprisingly phoebe called me and was asking me if i wanna go find adrienne yumcha later.. she was on MC..
And she was laughing when I say I em puasa’ing
Still I went out yumcha with them (no i dint drink,eat nor smoke.. and its all the way down to KL citibank.. ) it was some gossip & catching up session with them.. it was like few month since i saw phoebe and though i dit meet adrienne while few week back while on kenne birthday.. we dint had much chat..

well than by the time I sent phoebe back home about 6-7ish.. traffic was a drag.. and em dam HUNGRY.. so.. had resorted to some local/nearby buka puasa bazaar to take a quick meal..


so that’s how a noob experience his first puasa..
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2 people commented:

KY said... October 25, 2005 12:03 AM

hehehe, way to go!

Thai Boxing Girl said... October 28, 2005 5:50 PM

should do more often to lose some kilos off your FAT ARSE!!! i fink i wanna do it also lah, and guess what, IM GONNA SLEEP THROUGH THE PUASA TIME :p